Zac Story

"ASTIN! Let's go!" Kristen screams from across the house. 

"I'M COMING!" You answer her as you hurry outside and jump 
into your mom's Mercedes. 

"Finally!" Kristen says as you get your seat belt on. "Do 
you have everything?" 

You search your pockets for your ticket. You pull out your 
wallet and look inside, there it is, your ticket to the best 
day of your life! 

You carefully close your wallet and put it back in your 
pocket. Then you look down at your chest to make sure 
your backstage pass is there. You pick it up in your hand 
and look at it. The word "HANSON" is printed in big bold 
letters across the front and then "VIP Pass" underneath. 

Yep, you think to yourself, I am a VIP. 

You put your pass down and open a book.

      "Astin! ASTIN!" You hear Kristen screaming. 

"What! What?" You scream, waking up abruptly. 

"Were here!" She screams in your face. 

You jump up excitedly hitting your head on the top 
of the car. 

"OW!" You scream grabbing the top of your head. 

"Smooth move exlax!" Kristen says, laughing and stepping 
out of the car. 

"Not at all geritol!" You reply with a smile. 

You step out of the car and look up at the amphitheatre. 

"Tight!" You exclaim out loud. 

"DUDE!" Kristen screams. "What is your 
problem? The concert is over here!"

"I know! Do you think I am an idiot?" You ask, walking 
towards her. 

She gives you this real thoughtful look. 

"Don't answer that!" You say with a smile. 

You two eagerly head to the gift drop off gate and wait. 

There are a lot of girls already there waiting there. 

"I hope we get in!" Kristen says. 

"I know! I just want to look at Zac, then I will be 
happy. Hopefully more, but hey, a look will satisfy me!!" You 
say with a huge smile. 

Just as you are about to say something else a huge bald guy 
steps up to the other side of the gate. 

"Wow!" You and Kristen exclaim in unison. 

"Ok." The guy says with a smile. "Let's see those MOE 

You and Kristen hold yours up hoping they will see yours. 

"Ok, you two!" He says, pointing in your and Kristen's 

You two quickly walk up to the gate and he checks out the 
cards. He approves of them and lets you two walk in. 

You enter a long hallway and look around, there are people
bustling everywhere. 

"Ok this way!" He says, leading you two towards a small room 
at the end of the hallway that says HANSON on the door. 

As you get closer to the door you notice someone has 
scribbled "was here" right underneath the word "HANSON" 
in crayon. 

"Zac." You say, looking at Kristen. 

She nods her head in agreement. 

The man opens the door and let's you walk in. 

"HANSON will be here shortly." He says with a smile then 
closes the door behind him, leaving you and Kristen in the 
dressing room. 

"Oh my god!" You scream. "Zac's Docs!" 

You run over to the seat that they are sitting 
on and pick one of them up. 

"ASTIN! You know how protective Zac is of his Docs, put 
them down!" Kristen says. 

"Oh I am not hurting anything!" You answer. 

"HOW YA DOIN'?" Some one screams as he slams the door open 
and jumps into the room. 

You are so surprised that you throw the Doc across the room 
and it lands somwhere behoind you. He didn't see you with 
it thankfully. 

"Hi I'm Zac!" He says extending his hand and staring straight 
into your eyes. 

Somehow Kristen has already gotten a converstaion 
going with Isaac and Taylor and is as usual, ignoring the fact 
that Zac Hanson is also in the room. 

"So, your friend likes Isaac and Taylor huh?" He asks.  

"Ya, she says you are to young for her." You answer. 

"Oh! Do you think that?" He asks, looking a little doubtful. 

"No, no, of course not!" You answer quickly, a little to 

Since you have so much time before the concert you and Zac 
end up talking for an hour. 

"We only have on hour left!" Zac says. 

"Oh." You answer looking disappointed. 

"Hey Astin?" He say, "Um..." 

He doesn't finish but instead leans over and gives you a 
quick kiss on the lips. 

You just sit there and stare at him for a few seconds, then 
he leans in again and brushes his lips against yours. You 
don't respond cause hey, you've never done this before. He 
leans in even closer and wraps his arms slowly yet and 
tenderly around your waist.
You just stare into his big brown eyes until he closes them 
and presses his lips against yours. You sit there with your 
eyes wide for a couple of seconds then close your eyes and 
return the kiss. You wrap your arms around him and pull him 
down on top of you on the couch. 

He slowly moves his hands up your thigh. You slowly kiss him 
and pray that no one interrupts you so you two can stay 
like this forever. 

"Zac let's woh!" You hear Taylor say from the door. 

He stands there with a surprised look on his face. 

"Um, it's time for the concert." He finishes from the door 
way then walks away. 

"I have to go." Zac says getting up off of you. 

He begins to walk out of the room but you grab him by the 
shirt and pull him back to you for another kiss. He 
responds by kissing you hard yet tenderly. 

"I will see you after the show." He says with a smile. 

"Kay." You answer and watch him walk out of the 

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