Tay Story

You drive into the parking lot for the Shoreline theatre, 
and discover that there are still a few parking spaces in the 

"YES!" You say aloud. Now you don't have to walk 
forever to get to the enterance, but there is only one prob, 
this in front parking space is on the other side where all the 
bigger vehicles park. You get out and see a big bunch of buses 
to the right of you, the amphitheatre in front and a lot of 
normal cars on the left. You start skimming the buses looking 
to see if you can see HANSON's bus, when finally you spot a 
little blond head moving around in the bus.....RIGHT NEXT 
TO YOU! Your heart begins to race as the boy steps out of 
the bus and it's none other then ........Taylor Hanson. 

"Hi." He says watching you stare at him in disbelief. 

"Hi!" You reply. 

"Are you here for the concert?" He asks. 

You find that as a really stupid question and finally snap 
back to your senses and reply. "Duh, why else would I be 

Taylor takes a step back, probably stunned that a girl 
actually talked to him like a normal human being and not 
some god. 

"Cool! Hey what's your name?" He asks. 

"Minke." You reply. 

"Oh, hi Minke, I'm Taylor, but you probably already 
knew that."  Taylor introduces, blushing a little. "Hey would 
you like to come backstage and meet my bros?" 

"Do I have dummy tatooed on my forhead?" You ask. 

Taylor looks a little bewildered and says. "Well now that 
you mention it....." 

You cut in. "Of course I would like to meet your bros, 
that is why I am here."  

"Ok cool, follow me!" He leads you through a big double 
door and walks you past security saying 
"She's with me" which makes your heart start beating faster. 

Wow! You think to yourself, wait until my friends hear about 
this, they are going to die. 

"Here we are." Taylor says as he sits down on the couch in 
front of a big screen tv. 

"Is this your dressing room or your rec room?" You ask 
gazing at the millions of things to play with. 

"Well we like to keep Mackie, and the rest of the kids 
entertained while we are performing." 

"Oh, you have to keep the little kids entertained?" You ask 
with a sarcastic smile. "I thought we were going to meet 
the rest of your bros?"  

"We will later, right now Ike is probably checking out all 
the fans and Zac is probably harassing them. Why don't you 
come over here and play with me....I mean play this game 
with me." He corrects himself as he looks down at the 
controller to the Nintendo and his face turns bright red. 

"Ok kewl!" You say, even though you know you couldn't play 
this game if your life depended on it. You sit down next to 
Taylor on a LOVE seat that has been moved in front of the tv. 

"Hey I know we just met and all but, I was wondering if......
...." He trails off. 

"Wondering what?" You ask. 

"Well I don't know how to....wait I know!" With that he leans 
over andkisses you on the lips. 

You look at him a little shocked, then regain your track 
of thinking and kiss him back. 

He leans you down on the love seat then lays on top of you, 
still kissing you tenderly. He moves his hands down to your 
thighs and starts rubbing them, moving his hands up and down 
your legs. 

You two lay there kissing as (on the LOVE seat) Mackie walks 
in sits down on the floor and begins to play with is toys. 

But you don't care, you're making out with Taylor Hanson 
and you have only been with him for five minutes, could this 
day get any better????

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