Isaac scream angrily from upstairs.  

"Um, I'll be right back." He states, then dashes out of the room.  

You grab your Pop-Tarts then head back towards your room, hoping 
you can get some packing done. You walk into the family room and 
freeze in the doorway, causing Taylor to colide into you as he 
hurredly makes his way through the living room. 

"Ow!" He cries. "Don't do that!"  

You just ignore him and continue to stare at the figure on the 

"Hi Amelia!" David greets, standing up off the couch and walking 
towards you. 

"Hi! What are you doing here? And how did you get into the 
house?" You ask, confused. 

"I came over to see you and Zac let me in. He's a rude little 
thing, he literally slammed the door in my face right after he 
opened it!" He answers. 

"Well that's Zac for you!" Taylor answers from behind, suddenly 
not so quick to get through the living room. 

"Um, Taylor could you.." You ask, slightly, looking at the floor 
then back up at him. 

"Oh, sure!" He says with a fake smile then heads out of the 
room. "Gonna make out with him to huh?" 

You glare at Taylor till he leaves the room 
then focus your attention back on David.  

"So, you have any plans today?" He asks, lightly pecking you on 
the cheek and giving you a quick hug. 

You just look at him weirdly and give him a weak smile. "Uh, 
nothing I don't think."  

"Cool! How about teaching me how to play laser tag?" He asks 
with a smile. 

"You don't know how to play laser tag?" You ask, your voice 
not sounding to enthusiastic. "But um, sure I'll teach you.."

"What's wrong?" He asks, looking at you with a concerned 

"Well me and...nothing." You answer.  

"No, come on tell me, I'm a good listener." He says smiling at 

"No really there isn't anything wrong, it's just that I was 
um, he is a little jealous of you, don't tell him I told 
you." You begin. "So do you think, maybe he could come with 
us this time?" 

"Sure, as long as you two don't start making-out in the arena 
and leaving me to get my butt kicked by some little 12 year old 
that knows how to play!" He replies, laughing at his own joke. 

"Ok, deal!" You answer.  "He should be around here somewhere. 
Why don't you check in the dinning room and kitchen."  

"As long as he doesn't slam the door in my face again!" He 
answers with a smile. 

"Cool! Ok, the kitchen and dining room are over that way!" You 
answer, pointing in the direction of the kitchen and dinning 

You step outside into the cool Tulsa air and head towards 
the treehouse, climbing up the ladder then slowly opening 
the door. Zac is standing in front of the wiindow with one 
hand resting on the sill above his head. The gentle breeze 
slightly rustles his hair as he stands there, sending goose-
bumps through your body. 

"Hi." You say quietly. 

"Hi." He answers back. 

"What are you doing?" You ask, walking closer to him. 

"Playing hide 'n' seek with Isaac." He answers, not moving from 
the window sill. 

"What?" You ask, a little confused.  "I borrowed his shirt and 
now I can't find it.  If he finds out, he'll kick my butt." 

You smile as you walk over to him, wrap your arms around him, 
then start kissing his neck. 

"Stop that." He says, you can tell he's smiling. 

"Ok, well you better find it fast cause me and you are going 
somwhere." You state.  

"We are?" He asks, totally forgetting about Isaac. 

"Yes, we are going to take David to..." You begin. 

"David! Why David? Can't we do something together today?" He 
interupts, looking at you. 

"We are going to teach him how to play laser tag." You answer 
with an amused grin. 

"I see nothing funny about this!" He snaps. "You're going to 
go play with some 'hottie' dude and I am going to be a 

"Zac." You say with a smile and cup his face in your hands. 
"I am not going to 'play' with him, we are going to teach him how 
to play laser tag." You pull him closer and put your face 
directly in front of his. "But I'll play with you when we 
get home." 

His eyebrows shoot up and his face turns bright red as he smiles 
shyly at you.  Y

ou laugh a little then kiss him quickly on the lips. "Let's go."  

You grab his arm then pull him out the door of the treehouse. 

You and Zac walk towards the house hand in hand to get David.
You find him  talking to Taylor in the front hallway. 

"Oh good, you found him." David says, looking up at Zac and 

"Yep!" You answer giving him a smile back and looking a little 
nervously at Taylor.  

"I guess I'll see you guys later then." Taylor states.  
You watch him put on a fake smile then turn and walk towards 
the family room. 

"Ok then, shall we go?" David asks. 

"I have to change first, you can't play laser tag in a white 
t-shirt." Zac says, smirking at David's white shirt then heading 
up the stairs. 

"Oh, should I,um...." David stammers looking at his shirt. 

"Don't worry, I'm sure Ike has a shirt you could borrow, follow 
me." You answer, pulling him up the stairs. You open the door to 
the guys room to see Isaac and Kristen sit up in his bed 
quicklyin attempts to look like they were working on homework. 

"Don't you ever knock?" Isaac says angrily, glaring at you. 

"Sorry, but me, Zac, and David are going to play laser tag 
and we were wondring if we, I mean, if he could borrow a shirt 
from you." You answer, throwing Isaac an innocent smile. 

"Sure." He answers then gets down off his bunk bed. He digs 
through his closet, pulls out a black t-shirt and hands it to 

"Thanks." David says. 

He pulls off his shirt revealing his pecks and abs. You look at 
him with a look of aw and out of the corner of your eye you see 
Kristen looking at him with a surprised expression on her face, 
that is until Isaac comes back on the bad and continues "helping 
her with her homework". 

David pulls on the shirt and it fits snuggly against his chest, 
showing off his chest, abs, and arms. 

"Ready?" He asks. 

"Ya." You manage to quietly choke out just as Zac comes into 
the room, dressed and ready to go. 

"ISAAC!" Zac cries. 

"What?" He answers angrily, looking up from "helping Kristen 
with her homework". 

"How come you let David change in here but you wouldn't let 
me?" He asks, putting his hands on his hips and glaring at 

"Because every time Kristen and I are making-out and you're in 
the room, you start making kissing and sucking noises and besides, 
you lost one of my fave shirts!!" Isaac answers, really looking 
pissed from such a rude interuptiion. 

"Zac!" You exclaim smiling and whacking him in the back of the 

"What?" He asks with a big grin as you lead the two guys out of 
the room. 

"Ok, now we can go!" You exclaim excitedly. 


"Don't be nervouse David!" You assure him as you suit 
up for your round of laser tag. 

"I'm not nervouse, it's just that I'm havin' trouble with this 
strap." He answers as he fumbles with his vest. 

You smile at him then help him with the strap. You have to wrap 
your arms around him in order to clasp it and when Zac sees this 
he throws you and David an evil glare. 

"Ok, players ready?" A man with a booming voice asks through 
the loud speaker. 

The players reply yes as the lights shut off and the game begins.

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Chapter 45:
Through Thick and Thin: